Hi, I’m Troy Thompson. I started practicing taxidermy 26 years ago mounting animals
and fish for myself, family, friends and co-workers and have been doing it full time for 8
years. I have worked painting cars, cabinet building, maintenance, raising and showing
cattle, warehouses and deck building.
I really enjoy doing taxidermy and I still do woodworking. I have a well equipped wood
shop so I can meet the special needs of customers who are looking for something a little
different or want something specifically to fit their home.
Obviously I hunt and fish too and I understand all of the time and money it takes to bring
home those trophies. They are not just animals hanging on our walls they’re also memories. So, I want to do the best job I can do for my customers even if things don’t go quite right, like being shot or cut in the wrong place or large exit holes from the bullet etc. I’ll do my best to
repair these problems.
I know some people don’t know what to expect when they go to a taxidermy shop so I will
try to make you feel comfortable and I’ll give you the options available to decide how to best
display your mount. My main goal is for my customers to be happy with the service and the
finished product. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you.
Practice shooting, hunt ethically, kill clean, apologize to no one.